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Maui/Lahaina Fundraiser Specials

We are currently running a fundraiser for Maui and the fires that
consumed the city of Lahaina.

Introduction to the Nelson Family

We're the Nelsons, a bustling family with 16 kids and a whole lot of love and chaos to go around. From navigating big changes as our little ones grow up to sharing our morning routines, we're all about embracing the ups and downs of life We've even taken you along on our trips, like our recent visit to Maui. Stick around for the adventures, the laughter, and yes, even the heartbreak. We're so glad you're here!



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Meet Our 16 Kids

How We Became a family of 18

Meet my 16 kids


How we became a family of 18

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Not Enough Nelsons

Join Us On Our Journey As We Navigate Life With 16 Kids

Welcome to the Not Enough Nelsons family! We’re a lively bunch with 16 kids, each with a unique personality and a shared love for fun, laughter, and compassion.