Meet the Nelsons

Welcome to our world! With 16 kids and counting, every
day is an adventure. From morning routines to birthday celebrations, we share
it all. We're so glad you're here to be part of our journey


Mom (Tiffany)

As the matriarch of the Not Enough Nelsons family, Tiffany embodies warmth, love, and endless support for her bustling brood. Her resilience and humor shine through, making her the heart that keeps the rhythm of the family in harmony.

Dad (Benji)

Benji, the rock of the Not Enough Nelsons, is known for his gentle wisdom and steady guidance. His unwavering dedication to his family’s happiness and success is an inspiring testament to fatherhood



The innovative spirit, KassaDee exudes creativity and flair, always bringing fresh ideas and joy wherever she goes. Her charismatic presence is a bright spot in the family's video escapades


Bridger’s adventurous soul and unyielding curiosity propel the family into a realm of exciting explorations, always with a hint of humor and thrill.


JourNee, with her nurturing essence, is often seen rallying the troops with her infectious enthusiasm and compassionate heart.


The thoughtful and introspective Jainee often lends a unique perspective to the family’s ventures, her calm demeanor balancing the lively Nelson dynamics.


LiLee's effervescent personality and boundless energy radiate positivity, making every day with her a delightful adventure.


SaiDee’s sweet nature and intuitive understanding of emotions enrich the family’s bond, making her a cherished confidante.


The spirited NayVee brings a vivacious spark to the family dynamics with her playful antics and unyielding optimism.


Luke’s inventive mind and handy skills are a resourceful addition to the family’s projects, showcasing a can-do attitude.


The charming PaisLee, with her tender heart and infectious laughter, brightens the family's world, making each moment memorable.


DeLayNee’s cheerful demeanor and zest for life infuse a dose of laughter and fun in the family’s everyday narratives.


The mature and empathetic ElleCee is often the voice of reason, her thoughtful insights enriching the family dialogues.


Beckham's playful nature and endless curiosity are a source of joy and exploration, driving the family to discover the fun in the mundane.


KennaDee's nurturing disposition and love for storytelling make her a comforting presence, weaving tender threads of care through the family fabric.


The youngest, Ledger, with his cherubic charm and innocent explorations, holds a special place in the family, symbolizing the endless joy of discovery.


PresLee's creative pursuits and artistic talents add a splash of color and imagination to the family's canvas of life.


Trey, with his keen sense of humor and quick wit, often lights up the room, making the family’s journey a laughter-filled ride.

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